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Almighty God blessed Allama Agha Syed Ali Musavi the founder of Karwan-e-Hajj-e- Haideri by giving opportunity to perform holy journey of Hajj 1962. During this journey he shocked observing scattered and unattended Pakistani Hujjaj in pitiful condition fondling here and there and facing hardship regarding shelter transportation/food in performance of Ummrah/Hajj rituals. Whereas people of other nations were performing Hajj in groups in a well organized manner.  As a patriot Pakistani he managed to contact few Pakistani Hujjaj and convinced them to perform Hajj in a group and they First time experienced convenience and ease of performing this Holy journey in group under guidance and supervision of an experienced and learned Alim-e-Deen (Religious Scholar) after return from Hajj Agha Syed Ali Musavi established Karwan-e-Hajj-Haideri in 1962 with the help of few friends in Lahore with the following objectives.

  1. Karwan will perform Hajj/Ummrah rituals according to Fiqh.

  2. Accomodation/Messing (Food)/Transportation in the Saudi Arabia will be arranged in advance.

  3. Safety of Hujjaj during Hajj journey will be top priority.

  4. During the Saudi journey arrangements will be made to enhance spiritual/Islamic sprit of Hujjaj through Lectures/Majalis/Mahafil and training sessions.

  5. Karwan will encourage Sharing/co-operation esteem among Hujjaj on the basis of Islamic brotherhood.

  6. Karwan will ensure to earn a good name for Pakistan by itself and its members as well.


Al-hamdolillah Government admitted the utility/Convenience of Karwans (HGOs) and to regularize this process and made arrangements to register such Karwans with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Government of Pakistan.


 In the provision and auspicious guidance of Agha Syed Haider Musavi being the eldest song of Agha Syed Ali having the experience of handling the Karwan for 24 years and get this register with Government of Pakistan as private Hajj Group Organizer in 2006




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